Monday, 30 August 2010

Short, Kickstart Camera and Photo Workshops for beginners and Enthusiasts

Kick-start Camera-and-photo workshops
for Individuals and small-groups
BY: Get the shot, Cape Town, South Africa

The McPherson Garden Centre in Blaauwberg, Cape Town is now the exclusive venue for the GET THE SHOT individual and small-group Kick-start camera-and-photo workshops.

McPherson’s boasts friendly staff, great facilities, a wealth of subject matter to photograph and great food!

These workshops are designed for new camera owners, beginners, photo enthusiasts and anyone that wants to get the most out of their camera, photo gear and lenses. We guarantee you’ll improve your level of photography in no time.

Your coach, International photographer, Dawid de Greeff is in his 10th year of full time photography and loves teaching the craft of photography to others. Dawid will always break it down to the basics first and will explain, that in photography, lighting is absolutely essential and that the camera is the tool with which you control and capture that light.

He says: “Know what you want to accomplish, what the scene is, where the light should be to make it happen and how to operate your camera to seize that moment.”

Dawid's highly sought after, hands-on workshops are bespoke and custom designed to each group and individual's level, experience and specific requirements.

He’ll touch on the following topics to help you take the perfect shot (photo) every time!

· The basic camera
· The magic of light
· Modern camera dials and controls
· Camera menus
· Camera functions (features)
· Controlling focus
· Controlling exposure
· Composition guidelines
· Getting creative
· Camera accessories

For more information and to book a seat in our next workshop
- 2 October 2010 -

please email to:
Phone: 07 3030 2909

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